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Costruzione e riparazione strumenti ad arco
Design, manufacture and repair of acoustic string musical instruments.

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Di Bari family has always been synonymous with quality tailoring, from the beginning. This ancient tradition, handed down from father to son, has allowed our company to be absolutely one of the best companies in the Florentine and Tuscan area.
"In early 900 'My father started the business as a tailor, in 1946 opened his first tailor shop and clothes made in the historical center of Florence. My family has continued the tradition inaugurated by him. They then entered the holding of family from an early age with enthusiasm and this allowed me to do a lot of experience in this area, expanding knowledge in all fields of clothing and fashion. Our company supplying shops throughout Tuscany, was therefore necessary to know the fabrics, the material they are made only to the touch. So I have acquired expertise of various clothing products, from fabric to finished garment. Over time, following the changes and market requirements, with my brothers we started making pants and to attend international trade fairs, which were the occasion of contact with the most important Italian entrepreneurs and foreign buyers. Meanwhile, after working for 14 years in the family shop, I opened my shop in 1966, again in historic center of Florence. It is an experience that I still remember fondly. The shop was really cutting edge fashion trends of the time. I personally took care of every aspect and detail, from design of the plant until the d├ęcor and, of course, sale to the customer. This following the tradition of Florentine and Tuscan taste for clothing.

The most important thing about this area is definitely the look, beauty, and its presentation. I grew up in contact with this beauty, with the opportunity to observe the work all the best tailors in Florence. I learned a lot from these experiences and consider it a guarantee of presentation and professionalism in my current activities, available to my customers. Since 1978 I opened buying offices Libero Di Bari The site was initially in Florence and Prato, then completely transferred to Florence. This activity, once the export of products made in Italy, and especially in Tuscany, is dynamic and allows me to be in direct contact with manufacturers and buyers. "

Libero Di Bari
Tel./Fax.  +39.055.2320130
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Fax. +39.055.2320337
Via Beata Angela 14
50124 Firenze

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